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Smelly water can come from a few different places. Before getting into treating the smelly water it is helpful to know the source of the bad smell. Use the guide below to help determine the source of your smell.

Smelly Water Issues?

It is uncommon to have foul odors on city water. If you have smelly water, most often it is due to sulfur and/or bacteria in the well, but as you have seen in the chart above it could be from your drains or from your fixtures or water piping.

Well water can fluctuate depending on the changing conditions of the Floridian Aquafer or from groundwater contaminants. This can introduce stronger sulfur levels or bacteria into your system. Sometimes these contaminants can be flushed out, other times a whole house treatment system is recommended. A water test and plumbing system evaluation is the best way to decide how to treat your smelly water issues.

If you can determine where the smell is coming from you can treat your well, maintain or replace your water filtration system, flush your water heater and/or plumbing system, or get your drains cleaned (we highly recommend regular use of Bio-Clean). Feel free to call us 24/7 if you are in or around Lake County, Florida otherwise reach out to your licensed plumber.

If you are in our service area, feel free to call us at (352) 357-3700 for your free water test, or schedule online below.

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