Leak Detection


Prime Plumbing is the industry leader in Leak Detection!

Prime Plumbing knows that a water leak is a serious matter that requires immediate attention. Locating a leak quickly and precisely could be the difference in minor or significant water damage.

Unfortunately, a water leak can’t always be seen. In some cases, it can originate from the foundation of your home or business, in what is known as a slab leak. It is sometimes difficult to know that you have a slab leak, so be sure to check for these signs.


Signs of a Slab Leak


  • Sound of running water, when all fixtures and appliances are turned off.
  • Warped flooring.
  • Hot or cold spots in certain areas of your floor.
  • Odor of mildew around walls or flooring.
  • Exceptionally high water bill.
  • Discoloration or cracks in ceiling or walls

Prime Plumbing uses Ultrasonic Leak Detection Devices to pinpoint the location of a water leak in your home or business. This is a non-intrusive method of leak detection that saves your floors and walls from damage, eliminating costly repairs.

When our technician arrives at your home he will perform a preliminary diagnosis to confirm the presence of a leak. If the leak is not located through visual and audible perception, we will use our Ultrasonic Leak Detection Device to pinpoint its exact location.

Running water is vital to every home and business, that’s why we act quickly and efficiently to locate and repair all leaks and restore your water service as soon as possible.