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What is the difference between Jetting and Cabling a Drain?

Clogged drains can be a real pain for homeowners. It can be helpful to understand the different methods of clearing your drains.

What causes slow or clogged drains? Over time, buildup starts to develop inside the drain pipes in your home. This can be made worse with a foreign object or excessive toilet paper or worse a compromised drain-line.

Simply cabling a drain will often times restore flow, but if there is excessive build-up the drains may still be slow or worse…subject to another clog!

Hydro-jetting or Water Jetting is A PRESSURE WASHER FOR YOUR DRAINS. Jetting with a 360 degree nozzle literally cleans the inside of your pipes by removing buildup allowing for faster draining and drastically reducing the chances of future clogs, backups or slow drains.

If you have slow drains or signs of buildup in your pipes you may want to have your drains Water Jetted. This will clear your blockage AND remove excess buildup that a drain snake simply cannot do.

If you recently moved into a new home or business with slow drains or are having frequent back-ups you may be interested in our Hydro-jetting service. If no issues with drains are discovered, we even throw in a 90-day warranty with our jetting services.

Cabling or Snaking to clear a clogged drain often times just bores a hole in the blockage leaving plenty of buildup to cause future issues. Please keep this in mind with any drain cabling service.

In addition to clearing your drain lines, you may be interested in preventing buildup in the first place. We highly recommend Bio-Clean which has no corrosive ingredients, only natural bacteria that is safe on sewer and septic.

Here at Prime Plumbing Inc we work on all types of drains of all ages. Schedule online or give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with options to get you flowing again. We also offer Camera Services and if we find problems with your drain line itself we will provide an estimate to get that resolved for you. Sewer or Septic, rest at ease you have found your plumber.

“Our Goal is to be your Plumber, not just for a day, but for a Lifetime!”

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