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The Prime Plumbing Family

2/5/19 Update: New Team Photo Coming Soon!


James Hyland

President and Co-Owner

James has grown up and lived most of his life in Central Florida. Growing up on Cub Lake he formed some of his fondest childhood memories. This is where James honed his skills as a fresh water bass assassinator! As the father of two beautiful daughters that keep him hopping, James has crafted the art of maintaining the balance between family and business. When not in the office or out with the technicians James can be found with his troop around town and at the local community functions. James’ moral compass has always led and caused him to be a sort of an “under the radar” type of citizen when it comes to helping others. At times when James learns of a customer’s dismay or misfortunes due to our government’s lack of support for our veterans or perhaps a customer’s pension wiped away due to the stock shifts, help comes down swiftly. As the Grandson and son of proud veterans, James holds dearly the cost our great nation has paid for the pursuit of life liberty and happiness. James has a belief that every American, everyday, should give thanks for our country’s sacrifices. James Hyland is the owner and operator of Prime Plumbing Incorporated. He is a 3rd generation plumber with over 27 years in the plumbing and gas industry. James holds multiple State Certified Contractor licenses in many fields that complement our company as a full service plumbing firm. James is very proud of his team with Prime Plumbing and believes the services we provide and the way they are provided are the best in the industry!


Ben Gilbert

Master Approved Technician

A.O. Smith Master Certified Installer & Service Specialists
On-Site Grease, Septic, Drain-Field Specialists
Ben is very organized and thorough when it comes to everything he does. After Ben has examined your service request issue(s), he will propose multiple options to suit your situation and budget.

A few other things about Ben:

Ben is a husband a father, who has always been able to provide balance between family and work. His two sons are very much into sports but enjoy football (and video games) the most. NASCAR, camping, fishing and outings are some of the things Ben enjoys.

Ben loves to help! So, if there are any other questions or problems you may have been experiencing, please feel free to just ask him.


Daniel Neubacher

Master Approved Technician

Danny is tenacious at finding the root cause of any plumbing issues you may be having, his experience will help guide you towards the best plumbing solution to meet your need and budget. Your home or business is in good hands with Danny at your service.

Additional information about Danny:

He enjoys the outdoors when he is not replacing fixtures or repairing pipes. He loves spending time with his dog as well.

John Cintron

John Cintron

Master Approved Technician
Certified Gas Technician
Certified Medical Gas Technician

Mr. John Cintron is very serious about plumbing, he has been fine-tuning his skills for 18 years. After John has examined your service request issue(s), he will propose multiple options to suit your situation and budget.

A few other things about John:

On his free time, John enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter...and occasionally riding his four-wheeler. He also enjoys fishing and the outdoors.


Robert Payne

Master Approved Technician

Mr. Robert Payne has been in the plumbing trade for 16 years and he is happy to provide a good service to the customers of Prime Plumbing Inc. He always puts his heart into what he does and tries to give a flawless and professional service to all.


Jimmy Reeve Jr.

Master Approved Technician

Mr. Jimmy Reeve Jr has 18 years experience as a plumbing service technician. He promises to keep you informed about the work he plans to do to keep your plumbing system in top shape. When he is not busy plumbing he enjoys spending time with his daughter.


Heath Chandler
Master Approved Septic Technician

Mr. Heath Chandler has a dirty job, but he takes pride in his work and will make sure to take care of your septic needs now and looking into the future. Here at Prime Plumbing, no matter how dirty the job, we always clean up.

Feel free to ask Heath any questions you might have about your septic system. He can inform you how to keep your tank and drain-field in top shape.

A few other things about Mr. Chandler:

Heath enjoys spending time with his kids and his wife to whom he has been married to for 22 years. He also enjoys fishing and the outdoors.

01.23.18 Nicole Boehm Green Profile

Nicole Boehm
Customer Service Representative II

Ms. Boehm is efficient, friendly and professional on the phone. She treats every call with utmost respect and urgency. She has been in the plumbing industry for 2 years and her favorite parts are her loyal customers.

A few other things about Nicole:

She has a 6 year-old son she enjoys taking to Lion Country Safari and playing cars with. She also enjoys line dancing to country music.