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It's important to know your re-piping options BEFORE disaster strikes.

Are you experiencing problems with your home or commercial business pipes? Perhaps leaks you're beginning to experience leaks, or water pressure has diminished. Often leaking pipes are prime candidates for repiping. Many older buildings in the Central Florida area still using galvanized pipes. In more recent years, copper was a very popular choice for home and commercial plumbing.

Galvanized Pipe Plumbing Replacement

Leaking galvanized plumbing pipes are not an uncommon occurrence. Unfortunately, over time, galvanized plumbing pipes will often develop leaks due to corrosion. Another potential problem with galvanized piping is that over time your water quality can diminish due to this corrosion. Signs of poor water quality can be discolored or poor tasting water.

Another problem with older plumbing, is plumbing that is out of date or not code compliant. This can be an issue when trying to sell your home or business, and repiping may be your only option.


Copper Repiping

A partial or full plumbing repipe can be the solution you are looking for. Repiping with copper lines can bring your homes plumbing to modern standards and fixes many of the issues posed with galvanized piping. Upgrading your homes galvanized plumbing to copper has many benefits as copper is a long lasting solution to problems such as: plumbing leaks, poor water quality and diminished water pressure (vs. corroded galvanized pipes). Replacing some or all of your plumbing with copper piping is typically the most expensive type of repiping. There are many benefits to using copper, but because of the high cost of copper, along with the labor of installation and drywall repairs associated with this type of improvement, we are proud to offer PEX Piping.

PEX Piping - Polyethylene Plumbing

PEX piping has many advantages over traditional metal or PVC piping. PEX piping is flexible, resists scale and chlorine deposits, doesn’t corrode or develop pinhole leaks, is less labor intensive to install than metal or rigid plastic, and has fewer connections and fittings (less chance for leaks in the future). PEX piping has several advantages, including:
  • PEX Piping can make turns up to 90 degrees without the use of a coupling. This means less labor during installation, and less chance of leaks where most plumbing leaks occur.
  • PEX Piping comes in spools, thus it can be installed on long runs without the need to use couplings.
  • PEX piping resists scale build-up, which is a common problem with some copper plumbing systems, and it will not corrode or pit if exposed to acidic water.
  • PEX Piping does not transfer heat as easily as copper piping, as such many of our customers notice that they save money on their water heating bills each month.
  • PEX piping is durable from below freezing to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. As such it can be used for hot and cold water applications, and is ideally suited for the weather extremes we experience here in Central Florida.
If you are looking for a partial or full repipe and you are on a budget, PEX piping may be your best solution.

When should you repipe instead of repairing existing pipes?

We recommend repiping versus repairing if you have more than one pinhole leak within any given year or if you are experiencing poor water quality. For copper piping leaks, the only permanent solution is a complete repipe.


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