Commercial Plumbing Services

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James Hyland
President and Co-Owner
James has grown-up and lived most of his life in Central Florida. Growing up on Cub Lake keeps him in some of his fondest memories when it comes to his youth. This is where James honed his skills as a fresh water bass assassinator! As the father of two beautiful daughters that keep him hopping, James has crafted the art of maintaining the balance between family and business. When not in the office or out with the technicians James can be found with his troop around town and at the local community functions. James’ moral compass has always led and caused him to be a sort of an “under the radar” type of citizen when it comes to helping others. At times when James learns of a customer’s dismay or misfortunes due to our government’s lack of support for our veterans or perhaps a customer’s pension wiped away due to the stock shifts, help comes down swiftly. As the Grandson and son of proud veterans, James holds dearly the cost our great nation has paid for the pursuit of life liberty and happiness. James has a belief that every American, everyday, should give thanks for our country’s sacrifices. James Hyland is the owner and operator of Prime Plumbing Incorporated. He is a 3rd generation plumber with over 27 years in the plumbing and gas industry. James holds multiple State Certified Contractor licenses in many fields that complement our company as a full service plumbing firm. James is very proud of his team with Prime Plumbing and believes the services we provide and the way they are provided are the best in the industry!